Havnens Filter

Havnens Filter

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About Our Havnens Filter Blend
If you prefer a solid, round bodied coffee, you won’t go wrong with this one. Specifically roasted and blended for filter brews, we've chosen beans from Honduras and Peru and feel this hit home.

The Honduran coffee, roasted to a medium level roast, provides a solid base and notes of dark chocolate, nuts and sugar cane. In itself a heady coffee, we've added a Peruvian bean with much lighter notes, roasted to light medium level. This gives a cup with both light and dark chocolate notes, a taste of almond and hazelnut, topped by discrete citric notes of yellow fruit.       

The result goes brilliantly for your morning cup of coffee and could easily tag along for the rest of the day.

Recommended Brewing Method
We recommend that you brew this on your french press, auto-drip or filter brews.

Our organic filter blend is composed of 50% Peruvian beans from the Cajamarca region and 50% Honduran washed Arabica from the Marcala region.

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