Nordhavn  Christmas Blend

Nordhavn Christmas Blend

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About Nordhavn Christmas Blend
Get your season's greetings going with this badass blend. Approved for Santa and fans, the coffee will put the ho in your holiday.

This composition offers a round and full-bodied coffee with a long aftertaste, that performs excellent in all brewing methods.

Notes of dark chocolate, almond and dried fruits complimented by a subtle acidity with notes of citrus and blackcurrant, makes this coffee ideal for the festivities. 

The organic blend consists of beans from Honduras and Colombia, combining some of the best flavours central America has to offer. Roasted separately and blended diligently, the Honduran bean adds to the lighter facets, while Colombia weighs on the blend and brings the full bodied experience, you would expect from a Christmas coffee. 

Recommended Brewing Method
The blend works well when brewing on a french press, as a filter or as an espresso.