Nicaragua, Organic • Mild • Single Origin

San Juan del Rio Coco

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About San Juan del Rio Coco

Grown at 1200-1300 meters above sealevel, this organic coffee originates from the northern Madriz region of Nicaragua. The coffee is a mix of the Bourbon, Catuai og Caturra varieties and fully washed. The lightroasted Coffee offers a wholesome taste of dark chocolate with a hint of vanilla and a acidic aftertaste.

Recommended Brewing Method 

Excellent in itself when brewed as a French press, Filter or try it on our Delterpress. To downplay the acidity, you could add a bit of milk. 



Situated in San Juan, the UCA SJRC cooperative offers local farmers a place to dry, store and sell their beans internationally. Around 370 farms, typically small and familiy driven, are contributing to the organisation and gets a solid quality control, marketing and eventually price for their coffee from this. The UCA SJRC in turn also provides schooling and other local embetterment, aside from propagating sustainable methods of production.