Organic Espresso Blend

Organic Espresso Blend

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About Our Organic Espresso Blend
The organic espresso blend is a full-bodied, but mild and sweet blend with rich notes of chocolate, caramel, toasted almonds and hazelnuts. Being lightly roasted, it owns up to the new Nordic style of roasting, but still pays homage to the mouthfeel and crema of classic espresso. 

Recommended Brewing Method
We recommend brewing the Espresso traditionally or using a Moka pot, but you could also try it for a full-bodied French press brew.

The blend is composed of three distinct regions and flavours, combining to give a great coffee experience. The main component, Honduran coffee, makes up the bottom of the cup with a heavy chocolate feel and sullen fruitiness. We season this with Indonesian coffee to give a wider taste and introduce that special something else which makes a blend interesting. Finally, we add a Ugandan Robusta to the mix that gives this special dry mouthfeel and acidity you’d expect from a classic espresso.

50% Marcala, Honduras (Washed Arabica)
25% Gayo, Indonesia (wet-hulled Arabica)
25% Bushenyi, Uganda (Natural Robusta)

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