Peru, Milk chocolate • Almond • Tropical Fruit


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About Cajamarca
This organic coffee makes for a light and sweet alternative to its Brazilian and Colombian neighbours. A medium roasted coffee with a bright and chocolate taste with notes of almond, tempered by a tropical acidity reminiscent of apricot and orange.

Recommended Brewing Method
We recommend that you brew this coffee for filter or French press. If you are feeling adventurous you should try it on our new Delter Coffee Press or as an iced coffee.

The coffee is sourced from Cenfrocafe, a Peruvian cooperative of around 3000 family-driven farms situated in the northern Cajamarca region just south of Ecuador. Starting in 1999, Cenfrocafe seeks to ensure the indigenous farmers a fair price for their coffee and propagates the farming of high quality, organic coffee. They do this by educating the farmers, improving the infrastructure and in general work to make life better in this hard to get to the region of Peru.