Modern Italian Espresso

Modern Italian Espresso

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About Our Modern Organic Italian Espresso blend
This blend is composed of a combination of Honduran and Colombian beans, with a twist of Rwandan beans. The end result, we feel, is a perfect marriage of the Italian’s preferred espresso, touched by the Nordic wave of lighter roasts. The full bodied coffee has notes of marzipan, caramel, and almonds and a smooth dark-chocolate finish.

Recommended Brewing Method
We recommend that you brew this for Espresso or Moka pot, but you could also try it for a full bodied French press brew.

Our espresso blend is a mix of three distinct origins each one contributing to a balanced espresso cup.
40% Honduras (Marcala) (Washed arabica)
40% Colombia (Sierra Nevada) (Washed arabica)
20% Ethiopia (Sidamo) (Washed arabica)

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