Indonesia, Organic • fruity • Single Origin

Gayo Highlands

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About Gayo Highlands
This coffee is a blend of Bourbon, Caturra and Typica, grown at 1200-1500 masl. The organic coffee is wet-hulled, a special drying method that leaves the beans a bit moisture than whats usual for green beans. This provides a very full and round cup of coffee with fruity notes, that goes great with any kind of morning.

Recommended Brewing Method
We recommend brewing this coffee with either a French press or a filter.

This coffee is sourced from the Ketiara Cooperative in the Gayo Highlands of Indonesia. The cooperative was established in 2009 and founded by Ibu Rahmah, who advocates women rights in the very traditional and male-dominated region. Being recognized as one of the most successful fairtrade cooperatives, who continuously work for equal rights and fair terms for the farmers in general, the cooperative now exports around 70 metric tons of coffee per month.
If you are interested in the drying process of coffees, the wet-hulled method is certainly an interesting solution for a rainy country.

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