Brasil, Hazel • Honey • Single Origin

Fazenda Rio Brilhante

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About Fazenda Rio Brilhante
This coffee consists of the Yellow Bourbon variety and is grown at 1150 masl. Being naturally processed, it is very sweet with hints of milk chocolate, hazelnut, honey, and a slight acidity reminiscent of grape

Recommended Brewing Method
We recommend brewing this coffee with either a filter or French press.

Rio Brilhante is a family driven farm since 1984 and named after the river that runs past the farm. This river adds to a unique combination of soil and climate, which is optimal for growing coffee. The quality of the cup is ensured by rigorous testing and quality control, as well as thorough care of the plants.

The farm is the largest of the region, spread over 2000 hectares, where 1600 is planted with coffee. Aside from educating the workers on the farm in writing and mathematics, Rio Brilhante funds a number of social projects. One of these is Escolinha Tia Edna, a school for handicapped children in the area.

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