Guatemala, Ripe Banana • Tart Fruit • Single Origin

Calahute Alto

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About Calahute Alto
This coffee is of the Paraneima variety, grown at 1500 masl and naturally processed. This very smooth coffee has a full and round body accompanied by notes of dried fruit and ripe banana, rounded by a mild acidity reminiscent of tart fruit.

Recommended Brewing Method
We recommend brewing this coffee with either a filter or French press.

The Calahute (which roughly translates to free deer) farm is situated in the region of Huehuetenango on the western border of Guatemala, just next to the Tehuantepec desert of Mexico. The warm desert winds are broken against the Cuchumatanes mountain range and this ensures that the region is protected from frost, despite the high altitudes, providing an excellent climate for growing coffee.

The Paraneima variety is a resistant, dwarf plant developed in the 1980s, that provides a resistant plant and also makes it possible to grow more densely than larger plants, thus making it possible to grow more with less space and resources.

This plays along well with the family-driven farm’s aim to grow more sustainable and environmentally stable coffee. An aim that has been in the family-driven farm since its founding in 1952.

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