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Brasil Decaf

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About Our Brasilian Decaf

Our decaffinated option origins from the Minas Gerais area of Brazil and offers an option for those who wants a good cup of coffee without the caffeine kick. The coffee is flushed with CO2 to remove the caffeine, but retain the coffees other attributes and in addition add to a more sustainable way of production, as opposed to being flushed with water. The coffee is roasted as an omniroast and works well for a solid cup of coffee whether brewed on french press or as an espresso. 

Recommended Brewing Method

We recommend this coffee for all brews.


Decaffinating coffee is not simple. Coffee consist of a lot of different chemical components and targeting only caffeine is a hurdle. However, several methods have been developed to this end, one of the newest methods being flushing the coffee with liquid carbon dioxide - CO2. Developed by Kurt Zosel of the Max Plank Institute, the CO2 replaces chemical solvents and acts selectively on the releasing the alkaloid, caffeine and nothing else. The water soaked beans are placed in an extraction vessel, typically of rustless steel, which is then sealed before CO2 is forced in at a pressure of 70kg/cm2. 

In short, the CO2 dissolves and draws the caffeine from the coffee leaving the taste behind, before being transferred to an absorption chamber where the pressure is released. The liquid CO2 now returns to gaseous form, leaving the caffeine, before being pumped back into a presurized container to be reused, thus creating a costly but sustainable method for production.