About Nordhavn

Sourcing philosophy

We believe in a conscious sourcing philosophy, that both takes your organoleptic experience as well as the environmental and social impact into consideration. This means that we only source coffee from farmers who take responsibility for the further education and empowerment of their workers and aim for a lessened impact on the local environment. Doing this, we feel contribute to a better world for us and coming generations.

Nordhavn Coffee – WE DARE TO CARE.

Come visit us!

We are situated on the fringe of Nordhavnen, just before you hit the docks. You are welcome to come visit and experience an authentic coffee micro roastery where much of the work is still done by hand, based on the skillfull experience of our dedicated staff. Some days are busy, but in general there is room for a discussion about the coffees and the roasts. We are always interested in hearing how you, the customer, experience our coffee. And, not to worry, the metro will take you almost to our doorstep.

We sell most of our products directly from the roastery as well, though you might experience, that the selection varies a bit from each visit. We always offer an alternative though, should your favorite be sold out and are happy to discuss brewing and taste to guide you to your next cup of coffee. No matter your preference we always keep something interesting in stock and this is also where you’d be able to get new roasts or blends that have yet to make it to conventional outlets.