El Salvador, Chocolate • Fig• Smoky aftertaste

San Antonio

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About San Antonio

Our select coffee from El Salvador is a mix of the Bourbon, Caturra and Pacamera varieties grown in the eastern part of the country, close to the border of Guatemala. Grown at 1300-1600 m.a.s.l., the climate is optimal for coffee producton and though not being organic, the production is carefully organised to preserve the surrounding climate and fauna. 

The cup has a nice round taste with notes of lime, fig and chocolate complimented by a smoky aftertaste.  

Recommended Brewing Method

We recommend that you brew this coffee for filter or French press.


While El Salvador has a long story for growing coffee, being a main source of export for decades, the country has also been suffering from conflict and gangs. Historically, the farmers have been exploited by big landowners and foreign interests, leading to vast emigration in order to survive. Recent development however,  has seen a rise to a more considerate and sustainable production through local cooperatives centered around the second largest city of El Salavador; Santa Ana. We source our coffee from one of these, NEDECAZA.